EdgePod with EdgeCard Servers

Introducing our next generation compact, low power, modular Edge Computing Appliance

Digital Transformation at the Edge

GECCO’s mission is to enable digital transformation with a revolutionary Edge Computing Appliance that brings together data processing, data management, and networking for edge-optimized workloads in adverse operational environments. We have reduced the size, weight, power, and cooling demands by over 75% compared to conventional 19-inch rack-mount IT equipment in a purpose-built enclosure or facility. The modular design eliminates wiring errors and reduces training, operations, and maintenance costs.

Industry Uses - Rugged Computing Hardware


Manufacturing facilities, resource mining and refining, chemicals processing, pipeline, warehousing, water and wastewater facilities, and many other industrial processes demand increasingly complex processing software. The EdgePod is the ideal platform for visualizing digital twins, consolidating and analyzing IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) data streams, enabling fast response to AI inferences, ensuring condition-based preventive maintenance, and providing low-latency supervisory control.


The need for smarter buildings increases each year, and specialized use cases continue to emerge for edge computing in office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, hotels and housing projects, hospitals, and care facilities. Rarely is there enough space to accommodate bulky 19-inch rack mounted IT equipment, nor adequate power and cooling to handle the steadily increasing demands of modern systems.

For building operators that need enhanced video analytics for security and safety oversight, HVAC and other automation systems, detect firearm discharge, migrate and scale existing systems, and improved access to distributed computing resources, the EdgePod is an ideal Edge Computing Appliance.  

For hospitality and retail operations that need to reduce shrink, identify safety violations, suport AI/AR initiatives, analyze traffic patterns, and increase business resilience, the simplicity and modularity of the EdgePod offers a unique solution with a dramatically lower total cost of ownership.

Wireless & 5G

On-premises private wireless and 5G systems need supporting compute infrastructure to provision MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing), accelerate content delivery, analyze high-volume video data, collect/analyze localized IoT data, ensure low latency, and enable fast response wearable AR.


Small size and low weight of the EdgePod optimizes payload for space bound missions; low power and heat loads increases usability for many data processing needs. Supports sensor data analysis, scales to changing needs, and offers cross-purpose modular reusability in orbital and lunar deployments.


Forward deployed decentralized C5ISR computing requires compact and easily transportable systems, and small footprint for surface ship and submarine environments. The EdgePod’s rugged fanless design ensures reliable silent operation, and the VPX-aligned plugable design makes it easy to do field upgrades, is interchangeable for fast recovery, and has a low training curve.

Versatility and customization

Designed for your unique applications at the edge.
Preconfigured to your specifications.
Colours to suit every personality.

EdgePod Server - colours and variations

Protecting the Planet

Protecting your business — and the planet

Our compact small footprint ready-to-go edge computing appliances are for space, sea and land deployments.
Our EdgePods have a much lower environmental footprint, require no special power or cooling infrastructure, and offer a dramatically lower total cost of ownership.

• Fewer materials
• Lighter weight
• Lower embodied energy
• Less e-waste
• Lower logistic cost

• Lower consumption
• Less cooling needed
• Lower infrastructure costs