EdgePod open

A compact, low-power, modular platform for intense edge computing applications

Welcome to the Rugged Green Edge!

Energy Saving

EdgePod reduces energy needs by as much as 75% compared to conventional cloud computing


EdgePod can be installed virtually anywhere and operates in hot, cold, wet, dirty and other harsh environments

Plug & Play

Lightweight EdgePod shipped to site for easy plug & play operation, reducing field support costs

Flexible Power Source

EdgePod needs less than 500W (typ); standard 115/230VAC or DC power


Preconfigured to your specifications, designed for your unique applications at the edge


Fewer upgrade cycles with standard 5-year warranty, or extend to 10 years; save money, increase resilience, reduce waste

Reuse & Recycle

Easy hot swap upgrades, re-deploy modules, or take advantage of GECCO buy-back program

Remote Hands

Over-the-shoulder video support for easy upgrades and maintenance

Security & Identity

Out-of-Band physical access control to eliminate security breaches; fully audited identity management

Thinking Green

Green Edge Computing Corp was founded on the vision that the world needs a better way to capture, process, analyze and store data. Our solution is ideal wherever high volumes of data, or sensitive data, or locally consolidated data groups are created or stored or consumed.

GECCO EdgePods offer flexible data interfaces, blisteringly fast local server class processing, solid state data storage, and the ability to carry out low-latency analysis for immediate decision making and control algorithms that improve your business resilience.

Compared to the raw resources to build and ongoing carbon footprint needed to operate conventional private, hybrid and public cloud data centers — and for the associated networking to these centers — locally deployed EdgePods have a much lower environmental footprint, require no special power or cooling infrastructure, and offer a dramatically lower total cost of ownership.

Computing Applications