Welcome to the Rugged green Edge

disruptive edge computing solutions

GECCO is defining the rugged green edge -- ushering in a new era of modular and efficient compute solutions, purpose-built for the robust needs of the edge and modern software architectures.


  • Shipboard Systems

  • Forward Deployment

  • Mining & Refining

  • Smart Manufacturing

  • Process Optimization

  • Industrial IoT

  • Predictive Maintenance


  • High Density, Small Footprint

  • Private On-Premises Cloud

  • Enterprise Datacenter

  • High Performance Computing

  • Smart Retail

  • Renewable Energy

  • 5G Networks

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Security Video Analytics

  • Health Care

OUr SOlution

For any edge, on-premise, cloud or hybrid cloud needs, our solution reduces your physical and carbon footprint by 75% to 90%.

From bare metal to fully configured virtual and containerized solutions, GECCO has you covered.

Our technology can be deployed in wall mount, pad mount, rack mount, desktop, tablet and any remote and mobile configurations.

Our Vision

Green Edge Computing Corp was started by two veterans of rugged and edge technologies, Jeff MacMillan and Rudi Carolsfeld.

Our vision is to bring about a shift to smaller and lighter computing solutions that require lower energy and less cooling than any system available before with comparable compute capacity.

We offer a cost effective alternative to the power-hungry cloud, reduced latency, and a rugged computing platform that addresses your specific needs.